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Heptabase Public Wiki

Getting Started​

👋 Heptabase Fundamentals 101: Sense-making with whiteboards

👋 Heptabase Fundamentals 102: Organizing topics with nested whiteboards and tab groups

👋 Heptabase Fundamentals 103: Managing card databases with tags and properties

🌱 Getting Started with Heptabase

🌲 How Heptabase’s founder use Heptabase for learning, research, planning, and writing.

🎲 Keyboard shortcuts

Beginner Workflows​

📖 The best way to acquire knowledge from readings.

🌿 Three ways to make sense of your fleeting thoughts in journal.

🔍 Two steps to remember what you’ve learned even after a long time.

🖊️ A simple method to convert your thinking into writing.

Advanced Tutorials​

🖼️ Sections: See the big picture of your learning topics.

🪺 Nested Whiteboard: Organize learning topics with hierarchies and reusable cards.

🗺️ Mindmap: Effortlessly map out your learning.

🏷️ Tag’s Table & Kanban View: View all project insights at a glance.

📗 PDF Annotation & Readwise Integration: Bridge the gap between reading and thinking.


🛣️ Heptabase - Public Roadmap

🖥️ Heptabase - Version Changelog


❓ How can I contact Heptabase support?

Public Info​


[2023/08/31] Heptabase 1.0

[2023/05/01] My Vision: The Roadmap. Recommended

[2021/10/28] My Vision: The Knowledge Lifecycle.

[2021/04/26] My Vision: A Forgotten History.

[2020/07/16] My Vision: A New City.

[2020/06/29] My Vision: The Context.

Youtube, Podcast, Press​

[2023/12/08] Make sense of complex topics with Alan Chan, co-founder of Heptabase - Ness Labs

[2023/10/21] Our first Reddit AMA event

[2023/10/03] 專訪 Heptabase 創辦人詹雨安,如何閱讀、學習、管理知識、推薦書單?

[2023/08/08] Unveiling Heptabase's Bright Future: Exclusive Interview with Co-Founder Alan Chan - YouTube

[2023/07/31] Note-Taking Evolved: Why Heptabase beats Evernote, Obsidian, Tana, Scrintal, Milanote... - YouTube Recommended

[2022/01/15] Heptabase: The visual note-taking tool for learning complex topics. | Y Combinator

[2022/04/27] 星箭廣播 156 集——在 Y Combinator「加速」三個月是什麼感覺?

[2021/10/06] 星箭廣播 128 集——一個全新的筆記軟體與一本半世紀前的報告

[2021/09/29] 星箭廣播 127 集——他想改變 Internet,第一步是打造全新的筆記軟體


[2023/08/12] Heptabase vs Notion vs Obsidian - Alan Chan

[2023/07/30] How Heptabase’s founder use Heptabase for learning, research, planning, and writing. Recommended

[2023/01/01] To Heptabase Users: 2022 Recap.

[2022/06/24] How to do research with modern note-taking tools?

Use Cases from our users​