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Use Heptabase to Plan Your Dream Adventures


This use case was shared by a member of our Discord community, Saltmaker.

Saltmaker has placed two types of items on this whiteboard.

The first type consists of paragraphs he has highlighted from various books or articles, such as a quote from Building a Second Brain by Tiago Forte: “The most important factor in whether your notes can survive that journey into the future is their discoverability - how easy it is to discover their content and access the specific points that are most immediately useful.”

The second type are mindmaps outlining the fundamental functionalities of Heptabase.

For instance, he created a mindmap titled Card, with sub-nodes that include “Single atomic notes,” “When to use vs texts?” and “When to use vs highlights.”

Then, he manually connects corresponding highlighted paragraphs with nodes on the mindmap, creating associations between them.

This method is very simple, but very helpful in building understanding. We highly recommend that you try creating a Heptabase features whiteboard like Saltmaker. We can see on his mindmap that some nodes are still unanswered questions, indicating that these might be nodes that need further thought. However, with continued use and research, answers might come one day.

You can use cards, text, images, or mindmaps to organize such features whiteboard. If you’ve created one and are proud of your work, feel free to send it to to share it with us!