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Build a journal calendar whiteboard in Heptabase


This case is from Panta (pantaberuhito) in the Discord community. In early September, Panta organized all the journal cards for the month on a whiteboard and make it resemble a traditional calendar.

Panta used different colors to distinguish Saturdays and Sundays, enhancing the visual appeal of the calendar and creating anticipation for the weekends when documenting daily activities throughout the week. Additionally, Panta made some PNGs and pasted them into Heptabase's "text element" to write the words for September and the days of the week (Monday to Sunday) on the whiteboard.

As a result, whenever Heptabase is opened, the journal entries automatically appear on the pre-made calendar whiteboard. We find this approach not only visually pleasing but also helpful in facilitating the review of accumulated tasks and events over time.

Although we designed Heptabase as a tool for learning and research, we're constantly surprised and amazed by how users like Panta use this tool in ways that we never thought of before. In our Discord community, Panta expressed satisfaction with this method, stating, "I've now been able to intuitively associate one date with one version of myself in Heptabase. I'm feeling very happy about this.”