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Plan a trip and write travel journals by Heptabase


This use case is shared by our user Waki (瓦基) on his website. The original post "如何規劃自助旅行?用 Heptabase 軟體安排行程和寫遊記" is written in Mandarin. Below is our brief summary.

Waki mentioned that the biggest challenge he encountered when planning a trip was finding relevant information that was scattered across different places. He often had to constantly switch between different software and web pages for reference and planning purposes.

An even bigger challenge was that it was difficult to integrate recording the itinerary and writing travel journals with the previous planning, so he simply didn't record them.

However, he tried using Heptabase to do this and found that Heptabase provided him with a "nearly frictionless" experience.

His specific approach was as follows:

  1. He searched and asked friends to obtain many recommended attractions and food in Malaysia.
  2. He created a whiteboard for the "Malaysia trip."
  3. He created a card for each attraction or restaurant, with the name as the title. Below the title, he included a photo found on Google, along with corresponding reference information.
  4. He tagged all the attraction and restaurant cards and set three properties: "travel distance," "price," and "other notes.”
  5. He returned to the whiteboard, used the split view to view the Google Map, and referred to the travel distance and price of attractions and restaurants. Then, he grouped the cards together based on proximity.
  6. He placed the journal entries for the planned days on the whiteboard.
  7. Finally, he added the attraction and restaurants cards to the journal entries for this trip.

After the journey began, he found that through Heptabase's mobile app, he could easily record his experiences during the trip. Since the daily itinerary already appeared in the journal for that day, he could immediately see the content upon opening the app. He could also quickly record multimedia information, such as photos and videos.

In addition, if there were any changes to the itinerary, he could directly mention the alternative attractions that were previously added to the whiteboard but were not included in the planning.

Through this method, he can immediately record any thoughts he had during the trip in the appropriate place. Once recorded, it is almost like a travel journal ready to be shared publicly.

We think this use case is excellent and showcases Heptabase's strength in the "planning" aspect. In the early stages of planning, you can quickly import a large amount of information and categorize it using sections, journals, and tags. Once the events start, you can add details and thoughts to the journal. We believe this approach is not only suitable for travel planning but also for other types of project planning.

If you would like to try out this seamless experience, feel free to sign up for Heptabase and start a free seven-day trial!