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  • App: On-demand load to improve performance
  • Mobile App: Edit Whiteboard on iPad & Tablet
  • Whiteboard: Collaboration and Discussion
  • PDF: Improve performance and bug fixes
  • Mobile App: Performance Optimization for Whiteboards with Media Files

Done (Internal testing, not yet shipped)


Mobile App: Create and Edit Card and Text on Whiteboard2024/05/30Mobile App v1.17.0
Web Clipper2024/05/27v1.1.0
Editor: Export to PDF2024/04/27v1.32.0
App: Better Sync Performance & Conflict Resolution2024/04/05v1.31.9
Editor: Backlinks from Text Properties / Elements / Nodes / Arrows / Sections2024/03/20v1.31.0
Tag: Relation Property2024/03/10v1.30.0
Whiteboard: Improve scroll and zoom performance2024/02/22v1.28.0
Mindmap: Change color and fold node2024/02/15v1.26.0
Card Library: Sort2024/02/06v1.25.0
Tag: Sort2024/02/06v1.25.0
App: Image Card Filter and Action2024/02/01v1.24.0
App: Audio Card Filter and Action2024/01/26v1.23.1
Editor: Template2024/01/26v1.23.1
App: Whiteboard history2024/01/18v1.22.0
Right sidebar: Journal task panel, whiteboard backlinks2024/01/18v1.22.0
Right Sidebar: Card word counts, whiteboard table of content, PDF highlights2024/01/16v1.21.0
Whiteboard: Quick Access2024/01/11v1.20.0
Right Sidebar: Card Table of Content2024/01/11v1.20.0
App: Video Card Filter and Action2024/01/08v1.19.0
App: Whiteboard Trash Can2024/01/08v1.19.0
Right Sidebar: Search and add cards and web elements from the search bar2023/12/24v1.18.0
Whiteboard: Upgrade the right sidebar to support the display and operation of multiple items2023/12/24v1.18.0
App: Highlight Card Filter and Action2023/12/24v1.18.0
Journal: Allow users to move tasks to another date when rescheduling them in the Journal2023/11/27v1.17.0
Task App: Todo grouping, assign due dates2023/11/20v1.16.0
App: Journal Card Filter and Action2023/11/20v1.16.0
Task App: Display all to-dos across Heptabase2023/11/7v1.15.0
Whiteboard: Paste content as text elements2023/11/7v1.15.0
Left Sidebar: Pin tabs, tab group, tab folder, clear tabs, etc.2023/10/29v1.13.0
Whiteboard: Audio & Video Elements2023/10/17v1.12.0
Whiteboard: Focus Mode2023/10/17v1.12.0
Mobile App: Card Info, Backlinks, Properties2023/10/5Mobile App v1.6.0
Whiteboard: Image Elements2023/10/2v1.11.0
App: Better Export for tags, properties, and mindmaps2023/10/02v1.11.0
Mobile App: New Home2023/9/29Mobile App v1.4.0
Highlight: Sort and Color2023/9/26v1.10.0
App: Built-in Customer Support2023/9/19v1.8.0
Mobile App: Block Search2023/9/18Mobile App v1.2.4
Mobile App: Version History2023/9/14Mobile App v1.2.3
Editor: Version History2023/9/13v1.5.0
Whiteboard: Quick look a whiteboard object by pressing space key2023/9/10v1.4.0
Mobile App: Performance Optimization2023/9/6Mobile App v1.2
App: Free Trial and New Pricing2023/8/31v1.0.0
PDF Reader Upgrade2023/8/31v1.0.0
Mobile App v2 (Full Access)2023/8/29Mobile App v1.1
Whiteboard: Keyboard Navigation2023/8/28v0.371.0
Whiteboard: Section Auto-grow & Card Space-out2023/8/24v0.369.1
App: New Tutorial and Slides2023/8/19v0.367.1
Whiteboard: Connect mindmap node to anything2023/8/8v0.358.0
App: Design System Upgrade - Command Palette2023/7/26v0.350.2
App: Design System Upgrade - Menus2023/7/20v0.349.1
Whiteboard: Arrow Elbow Curve2023/7/17v0.346.0
App: Search Engine Upgrade for Card Library / Highlight2023/7/16v0.344.0
App: Search Engine Upgrade for Mention Menu / Split Panel2023/7/11v0.342.0
Whiteboard: Expanded card in mindmap2023/7/8v0.338.0
Whiteboard: Arrow Line Style, Head Style, Color2023/7/7v0.336.0
App: Search Engine Upgrade for Cmd + O / Cmd + P2023/7/5v0.333.1
Whiteboard: Custom Arrow Control Point2023/7/1v0.330.2
App: Better Drag & Drop for working tab2023/6/22v0.327.0
Tag: Drag & Drop for rearranging views2023/6/22v0.327.0
Editor: Media Block Improvement2023/6/9v0.322.1
Whiteboard: Adjust highlight element height2023/6/6v0.321.2
Editor: Card Info redesign2023/6/6v0.321.2
Tag: Date, Phone, Email Property2023/6/6v0.321.2
Editor: List Upgrade2023/6/4v0.319.0
App: PDF & Highlight Improvement2023/6/4v0.319.0
Whiteboard: Mindmap Improvements Part 22023/6/4v0.319.0
Editor: Drag and Drop Upgrade2023/6/4v0.319.0
Whiteboard: Mindmap Improvements Part 12023/5/28v0.315.2
Whiteboard: General improvements2023/5/28v0.315.2
App: Change Billing Interval2023/5/28v0.315.2
App: Database migration2023/5/25v0.312.0
Whiteboard: Mindmap2023/5/22v0.310.2
Tag: Text Property Improvement2023/5/21v0.309.0
App: Markdown Export Improvement2023/5/18v0.306.0
Editor: Table Colors and Headers2023/5/15v0.304.0
Tag: Grouping & Entry Page Redesign2023/5/15v0.304.0
Editor: Table Improvement2023/5/8v0.303.1
Editor: Selection Improvement2023/4/24v0.299.0
App: Change database2023/4/18v0.296.0
Tag: Kanban View2023/4/18v0.296.0
Editor: Mermaid diagram in code blocks2023/4/13v0.292.0
Editor: Language search in code blocks2023/4/13v0.292.0
Editor: Drag Handle Improvement2023/4/13v0.292.0
Editor: Embed Highlight2023/4/8v0.291.2
Whiteboard: Improve Image Loading Performance2023/3/30v0.289.0
Editor: Edit Properties2023/3/25v0.286.0
Whiteboard: Zoom to fit selection2023/3/23v0.284.0
Editor: Mention Section2023/3/23v0.284.0
Whiteboard: Copy links to all2023/3/18v0.280.0
Editor: Embed Card2023/3/18v0.280.0
Tag: Multiple View2023/3/18v0.280.0
Editor: File, Audio, Video, Image Upload + Local Storage2023/3/10v0.276.0
Tag: Table View Cell & Row Interaction2023/3/8v0.274.1
App: Mobile App v12023/3/1
Editor: New Color2023/2/27v0.272.0
App: Assistant2023/2/24v0.271.0
App: Highlight Search2023/2/16v0.268.0
Editor: Toggle Headings2023/2/16v0.268.0
App: Highlight App2023/2/13v0.265.1
Tag: Table View Filter2023/2/8v0.263.0
App: Readwise Integration v22023/2/3v0.260.0
App: Change Email Address2023/2/3v0.260.0
Tag: Table View Row & Column Drag & Drop2023/1/27v0.258.0
Whiteboard: Rich-text support for text elements2023/1/27v0.258.0
Whiteboard: Split Panel Upgrade2023/1/18v0.256.0
Tag: Add text, number, checkbox properties2023/1/16v0.254.1
App: PDF Area Highlight and Annotation2023/1/16v0.254.1
App: Journal Tab, Popup, etc2023/1/10v0.253.0
Whiteboard: Create section for selected objects2023/1/8v0.251.0
Tag: Database Table View v12023/1/8v0.251.0
Whiteboard: Highlight & Annotation Objects2023/1/4v0.248.0
App: Web App v12023/1/2v0.247.0
Editor: Backlinks for blocks and annotations2022/12/27v0.244.1
App: PDF Text Highlight & Annotation2022/12/24v0.242.0
Editor: Multi-blocks in Table Cell2022/12/22v0.240.2
Editor: Change Table Width2022/12/22v0.240.2
Editor: Text Color & Text Background Color2022/12/22v0.240.2
Editor: Upgrade Performance2022/12/22v0.240.2
Editor: Link to block2022/12/22v0.240.2
App: Prev/Next for whiteboard cards & popup windows2022/12/15v0.237.0
App: PDF Cards v22022/12/8v0.235.0
App: PDF Cards v12022/12/4v0.233.0
Whiteboard: Journal Objects2022/11/20v0.225.0
Whiteboard: Connection arrows for card mention links2022/11/5v0.220.0
Editor: Image Download2022/11/2v0.219.1
Whiteboard: No-directional & Bi-directional connections2022/11/2v0.219.1
Editor: Link performance & navigation optimization2022/11/1v0.218.2
Whiteboard: Mouse Mode & Trackpad Mode2022/11/1v0.218.2
App: Readwise Integration v12022/10/28v0.216.0
Whiteboard: Connection to everything (card, whiteboard, text, section)2022/10/27v0.214.0
App: Real-time sync2022/10/23v0.211.0
Whiteboard: Text Blocks2022/9/25v0.199.0
Editor: Show Created & Laste Edited Time2022/9/20v0.198.0
Whiteboard: Section2022/9/14v0.196.0
Whiteboard: Journal Link Reference v12022/8/10v0.184.1
Whiteboard: Breadcrumb2022/8/1v0.182.1
Search: Multi-tag & whiteboard filter2022/7/29v0.181.0
Editor: Better Block Design2022/7/23v0.179.0
Editor: Copy Link2022/7/20v0.176.0
Whiteboard: Card Link Reference2022/7/20v0.176.0
Editor: Table2022/7/18v0.174.0
App: Prev/Next2022/7/16v0.172.1
Editor: Toggle List2022/7/13v0.170.0
Editor: Drag & Drop improvement2022/7/9v0.169.0
Editor: Mention a whiteboard2022/7/8v0.168.0
Editor: Mention a date2022/7/5v0.166.1
App: Remember App State & Windows Size2022/7/3v0.165.0
Editor: Block menu2022/6/29v0.163.1
Editor: Turn blocks into a card2022/6/29v0.163.1
Card Library: Timeline Mode2022/6/24v0.161.0
App: Tag Redesign2022/6/24v0.161.0
App: Journal2022/6/24v0.161.0
Editor: Show full linked reference2022/6/19v0.158.0
Editor: Create or mention a card from existing text2022/6/19v0.158.0
App: Tutorial v62022/6/18v0.157.0
Whiteboard: Change the viewport edge with the selection box2022/6/12v0.154.0
App: Keyboard Shortcuts + Tooltips2022/6/12v0.154.0
Editor: Better Math Editing Experience in Latex2022/6/12v0.154.0
Editor: Mention menu preview and better ]] behavior2022/6/7v0.151.0
Whiteboard: Prev navigation2022/5/29v0.146.0
App: Universal Search with Cmd+O2022/5/27v0.144.0
Whiteboard: Nesting2022/5/26v0.143.0
Editor: Video embed2022/5/23v0.141.0
Map: Change Whiteboard Color2022/5/17v0.140.0
App: Import Markdown Vault2022/5/14v0.139.0
Editor: Link reference & Info2022/5/7v0.138.1
Editor: Update card link with card’s title (like Notion, Roam, etc)2022/5/4v0.136.0
Editor: Change block format2022/5/1v0.135.0
Editor: List usability improvement2022/4/25v0.131.0
Command Palette: Global Full-text Search2022/4/25v0.131.0
App: Cmd/Ctrl + N to create a new card2022/4/23v0.130.0
Whiteboard: Full text search for cards2022/4/23v0.130.0
Command Palette: Redesign UI2022/4/23v0.130.0
App: Dark theme for Windows2022/4/12v0.125.0
Whiteboard: Customized arrow direction2022/4/10v0.123.0
Editor: Full text search for the content2022/4/6v0.122.0
Editor: Image Resize & Align2022/4/4v0.121.0
Editor: Move block with keyboard2022/4/3v0.120.0
Whiteboard: Bulk fold cards2022/4/2v0.119.0
Whiteboard: Drag blocks across cards2022/4/1v0.118.0
Whiteboard: Drag blocks to create a card2022/3/31v0.117.0
Whiteboard: Tidy up2022/3/30v0.116.0
Whiteboard: Undo/Redo creating cards & connections2022/3/28v0.115.0
App: Empty Trash2022/3/28v0.115.0
Editor: Multi-select blocks2022/3/27v0.114.1
App: Manually check for updates2022/3/26v0.113.0
App: Ctrl/Cmd + S to sync2022/3/26v0.113.0
Whiteboard: Auto-content fit2022/3/24v0.112.0
Editor: Toggle spell check2022/3/22v0.111.0
Editor: Markdown export2022/3/22v0.111.0
Whiteboard: Direct edit cards during split mode2022/3/21v0.110.0
App: Let China’s user login without VPN2022/3/19v0.109.0
Whiteboard: Performance Optimization (resize, move)2022/3/17v0.108.0
Editor: Enable spell check2022/3/15v0.107.0
Whiteboard: Performance Optimization (zoom, scroll)2022/3/15v0.107.0
App: Let China’s user sync without VPN2022/3/14v0.106.0
App: Let China’s user upload image without VPN2022/3/14v0.106.0
Whiteboard: Undo/Redo card resizing, fold state, colors2022/3/11v0.105.0
Whiteboard: Undo/Redo card movement2022/3/10v0.104.0
Whiteboard: Alt drag to duplicate cards2022/3/10v0.103.0
Whiteboard: Fit to content2022/3/10v0.103.0
Editor: Paste text as markdown2022/3/9v0.102.0
Editor: Paste url on text to create hyperlink2022/3/8v0.101.0
Editor: Cmd+K to add link on text2022/3/8v0.101.0
Whiteboard: Show menu for multi-cards action without right-click2022/3/7v0.100.0
Tutorial: Allow users to skip steps2022/3/7v0.100.0
Whiteboard: Redesign right click context menu2022/3/7v0.99.0
Editor: Foldable bullet list2022/3/5v0.98.0
Editor: Auto-add hyperlink on pasting urls2022/3/4v0.97.0
Editor: Create cards on a card tab2022/3/4v0.97.0
Editor: Drag & drop a block2022/3/1v0.95.0
Whiteboard: Open multiple cards into a multi-pane tab2022/2/28v0.94.0
Whiteboard: Drag & drop tabs2022/2/28v0.94.0
Tab: Swap cards in multi-panel2022/2/27v0.93.0
Whiteboard: Better drag event detection for mouse2022/2/27v0.93.0
Hot key to create a card2022/2/27v0.93.0
Command Palette - Navigation2022/2/27v0.93.0
Map: Improve Performance2022/2/26v0.93.0
Tab: Multi-pane2022/2/26v0.93.0
Editor: Backspace remove heading2022/2/26v0.92.0
Card Library: Bulk actions on cards2022/2/22v0.87.0
Editor: Better markdown mode2022/2/21v0.86.0
Editor: Better Code Blocks (syntax highlight, tab, etc)2022/2/20v0.85.0
Card Library: Context menu2022/2/20v0.85.0
Editor: Manage tags2022/2/20v0.85.0
Editor: Slash menu to add & mention card2022/2/19v0.84.0
Editor: More button2022/2/18v0.83.0
Editor: Image Popup2022/2/17v0.82.0
Info Window: Redesign v32022/2/17v0.82.0
Editor: Divider2022/2/16v0.81.0
Whiteboard: Draw arrow from cards2022/2/15v0.80.0
App: Google Auth2022/2/15v0.80.0
App: integration2022/2/15v0.80.0
Editor: Todo List2022/2/14v0.78.0
Whiteboard: Space bar & middle wheel to grab move2022/2/11v0.75.0
Sidebar: Card tabs2022/2/10v0.74.0
Whiteboard: Filter cards in the import bar2022/2/10v0.74.0
Tag App: Import cards with tag into a whiteboard2022/2/9v0.72.0
Whiteboard: Tool mode redesign2022/2/7v0.71.0
Whiteboard: Share & Publish2022/2/1v0.67.1
Command Palette: Scroll options with keyboards2022/1/31v0.66.0
Sidebar: Whiteboard tabs2022/1/29v0.65.0
Card Library: Filter with tags & whiteboards2022/1/26v0.62.0
Editor: Image block placeholder2022/1/23v0.60.0
Timeline: Display & go to a whiteboard2022/1/22v0.59.0
Tag App: Edit, merge, delete tags2022/1/21v0.58.1
Editor: Paste local images2022/1/20v0.57.0
Tag App: List view2022/1/19v0.56.0
Command Palette: Whiteboard search with Cmd+P2022/1/17v0.55.0
Command Palette: App navigation with Cmd+K2022/1/17v0.55.0
Timeline: Add tags to a card2022/1/16v0.54.0
Shortcut: Hide sidebar2022/1/13v0.52.1
App: Cloud backup2022/1/9v0.50.0
App: Stripe Integration2022/1/9v0.50.0
App: Cross-device syncing2022/1/9v0.50.0
Editor: New slash menu design2021/12/14v0.45.0
Sidebar: Settings2021/12/13v0.44.0
App: New color system2021/12/10v0.40.0
Whiteboard: Avoid creating card when dbclick enter the whiteboard from map2021/12/8v0.39.2
Whiteboard: Arrow key to navigate offset2021/12/5v0.39.0
App: Rebrand from Meta → Hepta2021/11/20v0.29.0
App: Value discovery slide2021/11/15v0.25.1
Whiteboard: Scroll performance optimization2021/11/13v0.24.1
Card Library: Better drag event detection for mouse2021/11/12v0.24.0
Map: Better drag event detection for mouse2021/11/12v0.24.0
App: In-app notification on updates2021/11/6v0.18.0
App: Remember preference2021/11/6v0.18.0
App: Open link in default app & browser2021/11/4v0.16.0
Editor: Auto place cursor when adding link2021/11/2v0.12.1
App: Auto-backup All-Data.json into a local folder2021/11/1v0.12.1
App: Tutorial v52021/10/27v0.10.0
Card Library: clear all empty cards2021/10/27v0.10.0
App: Compact UI design2021/10/25v0.9.0
Whiteboard: Performance optimization2021/10/25v0.9.0
App: Electron App (Linux)2021/10/21v0.7.2
Whiteboard: Click to zoom in a card2021/10/20v0.6.1
Sidebar: Zoom out a whiteboard2021/10/20v0.6.1
App: Electron App (Win32)2021/10/19v0.4.2
App: All-Data file check2021/10/12v0.1.0
App: Sign out2021/10/12v0.1.0
App: Multi accounts in one device2021/10/12v0.1.0
App: Electron App (Mac and Windows)2021/10/12v0.1.0
App: Firebase accounts2021/10/12v0.1.0
App: Email sign in redirect2021/10/12v0.1.0
Whiteboard: Copy and paste in split mode2021/10/11
Whiteboard: Keyboard shortcut in split mode2021/10/11
App: New description page2021/9/28
Home: Hide cards on the whiteboards2021/9/27
Card Library: Orphan Cards2021/9/26
Card Library: Toggle on/off tag2021/9/26
Editor: Better floating menu2021/9/24
Editor: Cmd/Ctrl + click a mention link to open a new card on the whiteboard2021/9/23
WhiteBoard: Put arrows and cards on the same layers2021/9/23
WhiteBoard: Undo / redo for removing cards from a whiteboard2021/9/20
App: Tutorial v42021/9/20
App: Tutorial v32021/9/18
App: Better exported structure2021/9/17
App: Refactor the whiteboard codebase2021/9/16
Whiteboard: Link-clicking navigation2021/9/14
Editor: Hyperlink2021/9/13
Whiteboard: Double click a card to enter full screen mode from split mode2021/9/12
Editor: Navigate whiteboard through card-to-card link2021/9/12
Editor: Resize image syntax2021/9/8
Editor: Backlinks2021/9/7
Editor: Mention to create a new card2021/9/4
Editor: Mention a existing card2021/9/4
Trash: Deleted cards2021/9/2
Sidebar: Redesign2021/8/30
Whiteboard: Right click menu for connections2021/8/29
Whiteboard: Bulk add colors to cards2021/8/28
Whiteboard: Right-click menu for single card2021/8/27
Whiteboard: Bulk delete cards2021/8/27
Whiteboard: Bulk add tags to cards2021/8/27
Editor: Slash command2021/8/26
App: Import text & markdown files into card library2021/8/24
Whiteboard: Snap to middle2021/8/24
Editor: Highlight2021/8/23
Editor: Floating menu2021/8/23
App: Backup whiteboards into markdown files2021/8/22
Whiteboard: Double click folded card to open split mode2021/8/22
Whiteboard: Color a folded card2021/8/22
Card Library: Drag cards from card library into a new / existing whiteboard2021/8/21
Editor: Underline2021/8/20
Whiteboard: Inspect connections2021/8/20
Editor: LaTeX2021/8/19
Editor: Strike through2021/8/19
Editor: Arrow shortcut2021/8/19
Redesign folder structure of All-Data.zip2021/8/17
Show synced card in the same whiteboard2021/8/17
Whiteboard: Add card library button on the import panel2021/8/17
Editor: Tab, shift-tab2021/8/17
Whiteboard: Paste & sync cards across whiteboards2021/8/16
Card Library: Markdown preview2021/8/16
Whiteboard: go to card library through clicking tag2021/8/16
Whiteboard: Paste & sync cards in a whiteboard2021/8/16
Whiteboard: Duplicate cards across whiteboards2021/8/16
Whiteboard: Duplicate cards in the same whiteboard2021/8/16
Editor: Markdown shortcut2021/8/15
Editor: Responsive image2021/8/15
App: Refactor entire codebase with custom hooks2021/8/14
Home: Dropdown menu for enter/delete a whiteboard2021/8/4
App: Restyle dark mode color2021/8/2
Info Window: Redesign v22021/8/1
Whiteboard: Zoom +/-2021/7/28
Whiteboard: Cubic Bezier connection curve2021/7/26
Whiteboard: Show sync info on top of a card2021/7/25
Whiteboard: Add instruction on split mode2021/7/24
Whiteboard: Add tags to a card2021/7/23
App: Instruction in uploading data2021/7/22
App: Put a date on the backup zip file2021/7/22
Home: Map View2021/7/20
App: Add a card which shows markdown syntax examples2021/7/20
Whiteboard: Hot keys to change tools2021/7/18
Whiteboard: Grab & connect tools2021/7/17
Card Library: Grab move in mapView2021/7/16
Whiteboard: Split mode2021/7/15
Whiteboard: Move and resize the card editor window2021/7/14
Whiteboard: Open card editor window2021/7/14
Whiteboard: Alt + click a card to open a card window2021/7/14
All Cards: Add tooltip for buttons2021/7/13
Tags: Add Instruction for creating nested tags2021/7/13
Whiteboard: Tutorial2021/7/13
All Whiteboards: Add magnify icon2021/7/12
Whiteboard: Shift multi select cards2021/7/12
App: Unified button paddings2021/7/11
All Cards: Tag map view2021/7/10
Whiteboard: Shift horizontal scroll2021/7/10
All Cards: Bulk add tag to cards2021/7/9
Whiteboard: Expand a folded card2021/7/9
All Cards: Multi select cards with [hold shift]+Click individual cards2021/7/8
All Cards: Bulk delete2021/7/7
Whiteboard: Draw connection arrow from/to folded cards2021/7/7
All Cards: Bulk select2021/7/7
Sidebar: Toggle nested tags to filter cards2021/7/5
All Cards: Edit selected card in card graph2021/7/2
All Cards: Filter card graph with tag & search2021/7/2
All Cards: List view2021/7/2
All Cards: Open card editor as a Window2021/7/1
All Cards: Show untagged cards2021/6/30
App: Better download icon2021/6/29
Whiteboard: Fold a card2021/6/28
Whiteboard: Hover buttons and show tooltip2021/6/27
Whiteboard: Continuously drag cards into a Whiteboard from the import panel2021/6/26
Whiteboard: Resize a card from all directions2021/6/24
Whiteboard: Drag a card when editing2021/6/24
Whiteboard: Selection box2021/6/24
Whiteboard: Arrow key & Shift + arrow Key to move selected card2021/6/23
App: Dark mode2021/6/22
Whiteboard: Snapping and auto alignment of cards2021/6/20
Whiteboard: Click to edit a card & drag a card while editing2021/6/20
App: Offline support with Progressive Web App (PWA)2021/6/19
Whiteboard: Import a card from the sidebar2021/6/18
All Cards: Graph View2021/6/15
Tags: Add a tag to a card & filter cards with tags2021/6/15
Whiteboard: Color a card2021/6/11
All Cards: Grid view2021/6/9
Whiteboard: Fuzzy search all cards + Increase performance2021/6/7
Whiteboard: Auto-focus the last edited card when entering a whiteboard2021/6/7
App: Retrieve backup data from AllData.json2021/6/6
App: Export all data into markdown files2021/6/6
Editor: Clickable hyperlink2021/6/5
Editor: Headings, Bold, Italic, Code, Hyperlink, Bullet list, Numbered List2021/6/4
App: Resize and toggle sidebar2021/6/3
Info Window: Find forward and backward connections of a card2021/6/1
Cards Graph: Basic2021/5/31
Editor: MarkDown preview2021/5/29
Whiteboard: Navigate cards from the sidebar2021/5/26
Whiteboard: Delete a connection arrow2021/5/25
Whiteboard: Add a description to a connection arrow2021/5/25
Whiteboard: Draw connection arrows between cards2021/5/24
Whiteboard: Direct select & drag a card2021/5/22
Whiteboard: Grab move2021/5/22
App: Delete cards and whiteBoards2021/5/21
Whiteboard: Functional icons on a card2021/5/20
Whiteboard: Zoom2021/5/19
Whiteboard: Find all parent whiteboards of a Card2021/5/19
Whiteboard: Scroll infinity canvas2021/5/18
Sidebar: Basic Navigation2021/5/17
Whiteboard: Remove a card2021/5/17
All Cards2021/5/17
Whiteboard: Import a card from search window2021/5/16
All Whiteboards2021/5/16
Whiteboard: Expand a card into focus view2021/5/15
Whiteboard: Create, drag & drop a card2021/5/15