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Should I provide feedback directly in the app or go to Discord?

We officially launched In-app customer support after version 1.8. Users can directly propose suggestions and feedback to the team within Heptabase desktop and web app, and can also directly report bugs.

This brings three benefits:

  1. Better tracking of bug reports in the app

    The system we chose supports creating bug reports as tickets. Each ticket has its own progress that can be tracked. When the bug is resolved, users can directly receive notifications within Heptabase. If the progress is not as expected, users can also ask us about the progress at any time. We believe that this will provide a better experience for users.

  2. More intuitive and unified experience

    Among Heptabase users, about 10% actively participate in Discord discussions. However, some users do not use Discord and prefer 1-on-1 feedback and discussions. For these users, being able to provide feedback at any time while using Heptabase will be a more intuitive experience.

  3. Increased team efficiency

    Through the new system, we can ask for a lot of necessary information when collecting user feedback, such as the operating system used, version, usage scenarios, etc. This information is necessary for identifying the cause of bugs or thinking about product solutions. In the past, we had to ask back and forth through Discord, which took more time. Now we can collect necessary information through a chatbot, which makes the team handle feedback more efficiently and thus provide better service.

On the other hand, we understand that many users really like the Heptabase Discord community. In the community, they can not only directly communicate with the team, but also interact with other users, and learn various Heptabase usage tips and tricks from user sharing. Therefore, we also want to share what types of feedback we suggest to be conducted in the app, and what types of feedback can continue to be left on Discord:

Feedback to be made in Heptabase:​

  1. Bug report

    For better tracking and handling, we suggest that all bug reports be submitted in Heptabase. If you can't even log into Heptabase, we recommend sending an email to We will assist in resolving the login issue as quickly as possible.

  1. Feedback needs to be tracked

    Since our system supports "continuing the conversation", you can supplement your thoughts on a piece of feedback or inquire about its progress.

  2. Discussions involving personal privacy

    Sometimes the content of your feedback or the information in the screenshot may not be suitable for public viewing. This type of feedback is also suitable for handling through the built-in support system that only the team can see.

Feedback to be made in Discord:​

  1. Purely casual chat, sharing, or content to encourage and praise the team

    We are very welcome for you to share these types of content with everyone in the community through Discord.

  2. Just giving suggestions or brainstorming without specifically tracking progress

    We know that sometimes you are not very sure about some feedback and want to hear what other users think. For this type of content, we think it's very suitable to discuss in Discord. If after the discussion you are more certain about your ideas and want to track them later, you can repost them in Heptabase.

Finally, the above suggestions are not mandatory. We still hope that each user can provide feedback to us in the most comfortable way. We value the opinions of each user very much. Because of this, we always want to handle each user's opinions better and not let anyone feel neglected or ignored. Therefore, we look forward to making our customer support better through the launch of the new system and creating a product that meets everyone's expectations.