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Why did my Hepta icon disappear from my Dock? And why are there two Hepta icons in my application folder?

If you are a Mac user who auto-update Hepta to v0.373.0 or later version through the in-app notification, you'll notice that the Hepta app disappears from your dock/desktop.

Don't worry, this is because we changed the app's name in this update. You can find the renamed Heptabase app in the Applications folder, launch it, and use it normally, and the related data will not change!


If you did not auto-update and chose to manually download and install v0.373.0 or later versions directly from the official website, you will find that there are two applications with the same logo in the Applications folder: one is Hepta and the other is Heptabase.

In this case, please launch Heptabase. After confirming that the program opens smoothly without any issues, you can drag Hepta directly to the trash to uninstall it and continue using Heptabase!