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How to restore my cards and whiteboards from version history?

Version History of Cards and Journals​

Whenever you start editing a card, journal, text element, or highlight notes, the system will generate a snapshot of the edit history and start a 3-minute timer. Any edits within these 3 minutes will overwrite the snapshot with the latest version. For example, if you edit some text, think for a minute, and then continue editing, the 3-minute timer will restart.

If there are no edits within 3 minutes after the initial edit, the version in this snapshot will be confirmed. If you edit new content afterwards, a new snapshot will be generated.

If continuous editing exceeds 10 minutes, the system will also generate a new snapshot.

Even when offline, the system will follow the above rules to generate snapshots. When reconnected, the system will upload these snapshots to the edit history, and you will be able to see the edit history sorted by device and time. They will not overwrite each other.

If you have never enabled synchronization, these snapshot records will be stored in your device and will not be synced to the cloud.

Version History of Whiteboards​

We will automatically save new editing versions of whiteboards every 10 minutes.

You will see counts of every whiteboard objects in the version history list to let you distinguish which version you might want to restore.

Please note that restoring a whiteboard version will only restore the whiteboard’s layout, sections, texts, mindmaps and cards' position and their color.

If you want to restore the card's content, please restore it from the card's version history.

If you have deleted any cards or whiteboards, you will not be able to restore them via the whiteboard's version history. You have to go to the trash can to find and restore them.

When you restore to another version, we will save the current version for you, so you don't have to manually save. If you still want to do it, you can use Cmd + Option + S (macOS) or Ctrl + Shift + S (Windows/Linux) to trigger a new save.