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Readwise Sync Q&A

Q: How to integrate Heptabase with Readwise

If you want to integrate Heptabase with your Readwise account, go to the top of the left sidebar and click on Heptabase > Settings > Connections. Follow the instructions shown there to paste your Readwise Token.


Once done, you will be able to view all your Readwise highlights in the Highlight section of the left sidebar. Alternatively, click on the Highlights button in the top right corner of the whiteboard to open them on the right side and drag them onto the whiteboard to think and reflect on your past highlights.


Q: How does Readwise Sync work?

When you have successfully set up and connected Readwise, Heptabase will fetch the latest data from Readwise every 15 seconds. If there are any updates or new highlights at this time, they will be updated in Heptabase.

It should be noted that this update will not affect any highlights edited in Heptabase. For example, if I have a Highlight A on Readwise, import it into Heptabase and edit it, and then go back to Readwise to edit this Highlight A, it will not be updated in Heptabase.

You can also refer to the explanation in the image below.


What will happen when I click “Delete” after disconnecting Readwise connection?

If you click on "Delete" after disconnecting the Readwise sync, Heptabase will delete all the Readwise highlights that you have imported, but it will not affect any highlights that have already been edited or dragged onto the whiteboard, nor will it affect original Readwise highlights.

You can also refer to the explanation in the image below.