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Is my data safe in Heptabase?

Heptabase stores your data safely on your computer's local database if you only use it on one device. However, if you activate cross-device syncing, Heptabase will also store the data on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Your data will be encrypted in transit and at rest. The server-side encryption is achieved by Amazon, which uses the industry-standard AES-256 encryption algorithm to encrypt the data. The encryption key is managed by AWS. Data transportation between application and the database uses SSL/TLS. Your data will be physically located in the AWS us-west-1 region. We use AWS VPC to manage network access and permissions, and to help eliminate the exposure of internal databases to the public network.

For web app search, we utilize Elastic Cloud to provide us fast and accurate result. The Elastic Cloud instance is also hosted on AWS us-west-1. For Elastic Cloud’s security measures, please visit Elastic Cloud security.

Heptabase takes data privacy and security seriously. By using industry-standard encryption and following best practices for network access and permissions, users can trust that their data is being stored and synced safely and securely.