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Heptabase - Getting Started

Use Case and Workflow​

Heptabase is a visual note-taking software specifically designed to help you learn and research complex topics, establishing a deep understanding of things you care about. If you want to solve one of the following problems, Heptabase is designed for you:

Fundamental Elements​

The design of Heptabase focuses on helping you better "understand the topics you care about," rather than simply "taking more notes." To familiarize yourself with Heptabase, we recommend first understanding the following three fundamental elements:

User Interface Logic​

In Heptabase, all your cards, whiteboards, and tags collectively form a "knowledge network," and Heptabase serves as the "browser" for this network. Therefore, the UI logic of Heptabase is similar to a browser, rather than a traditional folder.

More about Heptabase​

The above is all you need to know to get started with Heptabase. If you want to understand Heptabase further, we recommend checking out our public wiki. It not only contains Heptabase tutorials, but also includes the version changelog, feature development roadmap, and company's long-term vision.