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Sections: See the big picture of your learning topics


At Heptabase, we encourage you to use whiteboards to learn and research complex topics, and to organize your notes with their original context. However, as notes on a whiteboard accumulate, you may find it becoming a bit messy and difficult to see the big picture at a glance. In such cases, we recommend using the "Section" feature to group related cards together.

With sections, even if you zoom out the whiteboard to a small scale to see the big picture, you can still see the titles of each section clearly and thus grasp the structure of the entire whiteboard.

How to use sections​

If you want to create a section for multiple whiteboard objects, you can use the whiteboard's selection tool to select these objects, right-click to open the whiteboard menu, and click on "Create Section" or use the shortcut Cmd/Ctrl + G.


When you are editing a card, you can use the @ shortcut to mention any section you have created before. Clicking on a section's link will directly open the corresponding whiteboard and focus the screen on that section.