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Tutorials created by our users

Although Heptabase's product features are still undergoing rapid iteration, we have already seen some Heptabase users starting to create tutorial courses related to Heptabase. In this article, we will include some of the great Heptabase tutorials that we think are well done.
The video from Paperless Movements demonstrates many of Heptabase's features in great detail. Starting from the Journal and Card, it showcases how to use features such as Tags, Whiteboard, and PDF, covering almost everything except the use of mindmaps. If you are not familiar with specific features of Heptabase, we highly recommend checking out this video.

We also find the video from One Thing very beginner-friendly. Instead of attempting to introduce all of Heptabase's features, it focuses more on teaching beginners how to use Heptabase's whiteboard and points out common misconceptions. If you want to become more familiar with whiteboard operations, we highly recommend this video.