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Heptabase Update - Improved Large Whiteboard Performance, Fold Mindmap Nodes, Change Branch Colors, and more!

Dear Heptabase User,

We hope you are doing well!

Recently, we have spent a lot of time working on optimizing performance and fixing bugs. We've improved the sync speed of the mobile app and the performance of the whiteboard. In the upcoming weeks, we will also address bugs related to PDFs.

If there are any other bugs you'd like us to prioritize, please let us know through our support system!

Use case: Conduct and present professional reports using Heptabase


This use case comes from one of our Discord community members, DannyET.

In the Discord channel, Danny said: β€œOne of my areas of work is providing expert medical opinions to lawyers in different areas of the country. I often need to work through over a thousand pages of medical documentation and questions within the brief. Heptabase is excellent for categorizing the material, drawing out essential aspects of care, uploading reference documents and drawing conclusions.”

In addition, after completing the whiteboard, Heptabase's visual representation allows for easy presentation of the results to others.

As Danny stated, "When I have Zoom calls with legal teams to discuss individual cases, they are universally impressed by my screen share, including my Heptabase whiteboard, the relevant connections, and fast access to brief materials, references, and images to explain concepts and help them formulate their understanding and plans."

We hope you find this sharing experience enjoyable, as it allows others to understand your context easily and facilitates further discussions based on that context.

Whiteboard: Improved scrolling and zooming performance of large whiteboards​

If you have large whiteboards with more than 200 cards, you might notice that scrolling and zooming can become a bit laggy. In the latest version, we've made large whiteboards much more efficient. In our test environment, even with nearly a thousand cards, you can still navigate and zoom smoothly.

Mindmap: Change color and fold node​

If you have large mindmaps, you might sometimes want to fold some high-level nodes to see only the big picture.

In the latest version, you can simply right-click on any node to hide its sub-nodes. You also have the option to change the color of a branch and its sub-branches.

We hope you like these mindmap updates!

We want to share an excellent video about how to use Heptabase's Tag and its database. Please enjoy FP's new video and learn his "Tagle" concept!

Another great video made by Greg! In this video, Greg shares some tips on how to deconstruct ideas visually with Heptabase. We love seeing how Greg uses Heptabase!

We hope that these updates will improve your experience on Heptabase and make your learning easier and more enjoyable.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, or you want to share your use cases or contents related to Heptabase, please don't hesitate to chat with us in our Discord Community or send to .

Stay tuned for future updates, and we hope you have a great day!

Best regards,

Heptabase Team