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Dear Heptabase User,

We hope you are enjoying the holiday season!

Since we sent our last newsletter, we conducted a survey within our app and received thousands of ratings and feedback. We appreciate all the compliments, encouragement, and feedback.

We greatly appreciate your feedback, and as a result, we have reprioritized certain tasks based on the input we received from you. If you have any additional feedback or suggestions to share, please do not hesitate to provide them through our in-app support system.

Use case - Review your past year in Heptabase


This use case is from one of our Discord community members, Chase.

Chase has made a whiteboard for each month of 2023. Inside the whiteboard, she puts daily journal cards and writes about daily life and thoughts.

Every week, Chase will look at what was written during the week and plan for the next week. She will also change the color of the cards based on how she feels each day. This helps Chase see how she has been doing over the past few weeks all at once.

By consistently recording and reviewing every week, Chase will have a complete annual record by the end of the year.


Chase shared in the Discord channel, “In the past, I would write my plans as lists, but now I can lay out the entire year’s plans at once, visually reviewing the year and each month. I’ve discovered that I can quickly make connections and recall memories in my mind!”

We think that using a whiteboard to organize monthly, weekly, and daily records is an effective method for reviewing everything. We highly recommend giving it a try as we approach the end of the year and prepare for a fresh start.

If you’re interested in this method, we recommend you read Chase’s complete tutorial article. It offers both Mandarin(中文) & English versions.

Dear Heptabase User,

We hope you are doing well.

In our previous letter, we asked for your feedback on your experiences with Heptabase. We have received many responses and found them to be extremely valuable for our product design, so we have decided to expand upon it. If you have used Heptabase for more than 2 weeks, you will see a pop-up at the bottom of your Heptabase screen asking, "How likely are you to recommend Heptabase to friends and colleagues?” as shown below.


When you see the pop-up in the Heptabase app, you can simply click on the score that reflects your true feelings. If you'd like, you can also provide reasons for your rating in a follow-up question. We value your feedback, as they will help us improve and provide better experiences for you in the future.

Use case - Use Mindmap nodes as an substitute for text elements


This use case comes from one of our Discord community members, andrewap.

As we can see in the image, andrewap imported a PDF of revisions of a writing and then began to revise it again in Heptabase.

In the Discord channel, andrewap said: “I find the way Word handles comments to be quite limiting. The linear, unidirectional nature (comments can only be anchored to chunks of text) of comments in Word just doesn’t work for me. I want to be able to alternate between the micro and macro scales, connect ideas, and attach properties to revisions.”

If you are also conducting research in Heptabase, feel free to share your whiteboard with us!

Dear Heptabase User,

We hope you are doing fine!

Recently, a user told us that before using Heptabase, he had tried many different tools, but none of them could keep him focused. Then he found Heptabase, which allowed him to easily spend several hours fully engaged. We believe this is not an isolated case, as we share the same experiences.

Have you had similar experiences with this user? Do you recall the frustrations or challenges you faced before using Heptabase? And how did Heptabase solve these problems? We are interested in hearing about your experience and would appreciate it if you could reply to this email and share it with us!

Use case - Use Mindmap nodes as an substitute for text elements


This use case comes from one of our users, Rita Chan. She created this whiteboard in Heptabase to report on the progress of her master’s degree homework.

When we first saw this image, our initial thought was: this doesn’t seem much like Heptabase, was it really created using Heptabase? How did she achieve this?

Upon closer inspection, we discovered the creativity and ingenuity within this use case. We were also surprised to see how our users could always come up with new ways to utilize Heptabase.

You can find more information about this use case through the following link.

Dear Heptabase User,

We hope you are doing well!

Recently, we’ve noticed that more and more new users are sharing how much they like Heptabase on Twitter or other social media platforms. We’re thrilled to see such feedback and it motivates us to keep going. Therefore, we encourage you to share more about why you love Heptabase! Of course, if there’s anything you’re not happy about, feel free to tell us through in-app support!

Use case - Use Heptabase to brainstorm how to organize Heptabase


We always enjoy seeing how users use Heptabase to learn new knowledge, and the case we want to share this time is one of them, but it’s a bit special because this time the learning topic is how to organize your Heptabase.

This use case comes from one of our Discord community members, Saltmaker. Through highlights, mind maps, and some arrows, he has outlined his understanding of the features and use cases of Heptabase.

We think this case is really great! If you are new to Heptabase, we highly recommend creating a whiteboard to think about how to better use Heptabase features. By following this approach, you can quickly grasp the capabilities of Heptabase and enhance your understanding of other concepts more efficiently.

You can find more information about this use case through the following link.

Dear Heptabase User,

We hope you are doing well!

Two weeks ago, we held an AMA event on Reddit. During the event, there were some questions that stood out to us, such as "Can you define complex?" If you want to learn more about Heptabase and its vision, we encourage you to check out the complete discussion of this AMA event. If you find any answers that you like, feel free to share them with us or others. We would be delighted to hear from you!

Use case - Learn about childcare through Heptabase


In our last newsletter, we introduced a use case of planning a trip and writing travel journals with Heptabase. We believe it would be very helpful if you’re planning your end-of-the-year vacation!

In this newsletter, we’re back to the “learning” use case scenario. We’d like to share with you how one of our Discord community members, 蔡阿蔡 (rtsai1202), uses Heptabase to learn about childcare.

After reading this use case, we were very impressed. We believe that this use case is not only suitable for learning about childcare, but it is also great for studying any complex knowledge with the help of associated images.

You can find more information about this use case through the following link.

Dear Heptabase User,

We hope everything is going well!

Recently, our user base has been growing very fast, and we introduced an in-app support system in September to keep up with all the support tickets. After a month of operation, many users have expressed satisfaction with the experience of providing feedback, making feature requests, and reporting bugs directly within Heptabase.

If you haven't tried using in-app support yet, please refer to this wiki document for instructions.

Use case - Plan a trip and write travel journals by Heptabase


In the previous newsletter, we introduced a use case on how to Use Heptabase to Plan Your Dream Adventures. This week, we want to move from dreams to reality by sharing a real-world trip planning use case from our power user, Waki. He planned a trip to Malaysia from scratch using Heptabase and wrote a travelogue using Heptabase during the journey.

We were amazed by what we saw. We never thought Heptabase could be used this way. Now, we are all eager to plan our next trip using Heptabase.

You can find more information about this use case through the following link.

Dear Heptabase User,

Starting from last week, we have been posting a copy of each newsletter on our public wiki. If you missed the email or want to check out our updates at any time, you know where to find us!

Some users have told us that they felt last week's content was a bit too long, so this week we have made the updates a little shorter (really). We hope you will still enjoy them!

Use case - Use Heptabase to plan your dream adventures


In early September, one of our Discord community members, 小腸 (f800913), shared her creative use of Heptabase. She introduced her "Dream Whiteboard," which featured a world map in the center, with colored cards representing different continents and their associated events. You can explore this unique use case in more detail through the following link.

Dear Heptabase User,

Last month, we officially launched Heptabase 1.0. If you happened to miss the related news, please take a look at this complete update article.

Starting this month, we are making changes to the way and frequency of sending updates to you. In addition to reviewing the features we have built, we also want to provide more valuable content, such as our users' use cases, tips for using Heptabase, and educational content related to Heptabase that we have recently discovered. At the same time, we will be publishing our newsletter on our public wiki, so you can easily share it with your friends. We hope you will enjoy these new changes!

Use case - Journal Calendar Whiteboard


Although we designed Heptabase as a tool for learning and research, we're constantly surprised and amazed by how users use this tool in ways that we never thought of before. In early September, one of our users, Panta (pantaberuhito), shared how he built a calendar using journals and whiteboards. You can learn more about his use case at the following link.