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Plan your trip within Heptabase


This use case comes from a Discord user named Kat. She mentioned that she visited Chiang Mai and Bangkok two weeks ago and found Heptabase to be very useful for organizing her trip.

She did the following things within Heptabase to plan the trip:

  1. She created sections for different dates and added text elements with links to journal entries to create a trip calendar.
  2. She created cards with details of attractions she wanted to visit, including images, links, and other information. She organized these cards under each day of the trip.
  3. She linked the attractions together and noted the travel time in the connection description.011-use-case-2
  4. She created a map with directions and placed it at the top of each day for a quick overview at the beginning of each day.011-use-case-3

We found this approach very easy to understand, helpful, and also appealing for other travel partners! You can grasp the plan in just a minute!

If you would like to try out this seamless experience, feel free to sign up for Heptabase and start a free seven-day trial!